Reveal the whole picture and untangle hard problems with a simple-to-use visual mapping tool.

Deakin University intelligent systems researchers developed the STICKE software based in systems science methodology.

As a tool that detangles the complexity of the problem, STICKE reveals unseen connections, allowing groups to get to the core of the problem, discover new approaches and achieve successful, evidence-based results.

Case Studies / Testimonials

Active Geelong GP Ambassadors

We know that GPs recommending physical activity to their patients is good for disease prevention, but we also know that, for many reasons, they’re not always confident about doing so. However, there’s little evidence on how to help them start the conversation. The STICKE approach enabled a group of 20 experienced GPs to formulate their opinions on the barriers and opportunities to promote physical activity with their patients as part of the Active Geelong project.

‘One of the identified barriers was facilitating the initial conversation with patients about their level of activity and their attitudes towards change. We were able to then use machine learning to provide a practical answer to this part of the puzzle that would have taken years to understand using traditional research methodology,’ says Dr Hugh Seward, a member of the Active Geelong board.

The project partnered with Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) to design a machine learning study that used a Bayesian algorithm to analyse the effectiveness of eight strategies over 10 weeks, among 13 participating clinics. The analysis found that two out of the eight strategies had a significant effect in supporting GPs to initiate more conversations with their patients about physical activity.

‘When dealing with problems that are complex, ongoing, and that cannot wait for lengthy trials or evidence reviews, our study showed that STICKE can be used to pair the rapid development of actions with rapid evaluation using machine learning, and find suitable, practical solutions quickly,’ Dr Seward says.

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"The practical value of using STICKE was so impressive that Active Geelong will be using it to help community groups identify barriers and opportunities for increasing levels of physical activity. This will enable community-appropriate interventions instead of “solutions” imposed by external organisations."